A chargeback is when someone contacts their credit card company and claims a transaction done on their credit card is fraudulent.  In some cases, they simply fight it to get rid of an actual valid charge that they did.  Unfortunately we cannot stop people from pursuing a chargeback but we can fight back.  Unlike most ticketing companies, Purplepass will back you 100% when a chargeback is issued.  After the customer initiates the chargeback with their credit card company, the credit card companies will first contact us to see if it is a valid charge.  We provide them with all information that was collected such as order details and electronic signatures.  The vast majority of the time, we are successful in defending you and will win the dispute on your behalf.  If the credit card company sides with the customer, then a chargeback will be issued on your account.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If a chargeback is successful we receive a $25 chargeback fee from the credit card company that we pass on to you in addition to the amount that was refunded back to the customer.  This total amount will be billed to your credit card on file or it will hang on your account as a pending balance until it is paid. 

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