How do I view sales stats by each terminal?

In your box office you will see a tab that says “Stats by Terminals”.  This is where you can view all the sales stats that each terminal has done through your event up to date.

If you are using the Mobile Box Office, you can find this information on your account ..Read more

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When should I stop selling tickets online?

It is entirely up to you when you would like to start and stop selling tickets.  We recommend that you keep ticket sales going during your event so it will give your customers another avenue of purchasing tickets.  It will allow them to not have to wait in the box ..Read more

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How do I sell tickets at my event?

There are two main ways you can sell tickets at your event.  One way is using “Online Box Office”, which is a web-based box office interface you can access from any computer or laptop that has internet access.  Through this online box office, you can…

Sell at the door via cash ..Read more

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