Sep 10

Multiple Delivery Methods Per Order

This feature allows users to have multiple delivery methods for their tickets in the same order. It will lock in a ticket type of their choosing to be only print-at-home, will-call or shipped physical ticket.    For example, if you are doing a VIP package which includes a signed poster, the ..Read more

Sep 07

Tickets Availability

Automatically indicate that tickets are available at the door if tickets remain after online sales end. When you enable this feature, the system will automatically indicate to the customer that tickets are still available for purchase at the event if online sale ended but not all of the tickets were sold.

Aug 31

Purplepass Pro 2.4.3

The latest update of the Purplepass app allows our users to have added support for accepting tips or gratuity for their credit or debit transactions. * Added support for asking check out questions * Added multiple sound options for ticket scanner * Added ability to Issue pre-printed tickets with scan-in feature * Added “Open ..Read more

Aug 20

Ticket Stock Price Change

Our full color ticket stock price decreased from $0.15 to only $0.12! You can also customize your hard tickets or print-at-home tickets by adding your artwork, logos, sponsors etc. Contact your Purplepass service rep to learn how to customize your tickets for your next event!

Aug 10

Live Chat Support

Purplepass is now offering Live Chat Support to our promoters that is accessible once you log into your promoter account. Look for the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your account to pull up a chat window (see example below). Get the help you need instantly without the ..Read more

Aug 02

Advanced Coupon Codes

You can manage your coupons by creating and saving lists and applying them across various events. You can import your own coupon codes or we can auto-generate it for you. You have the option to allow a coupon code to be used only once if assigned to multiple events and is only ..Read more

Jul 31

Scanners & Purchase Limitations

Multiple Sounds for your Scanners: In past events, you may have faced the issue of your staff not knowing if they scanned a ticket or not. They heard the “Beep” sound from the scanner but was it from their scanner or the other staff members right next to them? Purplepass has ..Read more

Jul 20


MailChimp: This integration allows you to link your Purplepass account to your MailChimp account. By choosing this integration, all your customer’s contact info will be added to your MailChimp account. With up to 12,000 emails per month and a variety of templates to choose from, any customer that buys tickets for your ..Read more

Jul 12

Event Status & Categories

Event Status: With our new status indicators placed on each event page, customers can find available events faster! By selecting the drop-down menu on the event page to select the date they want to purchase tickets, they can check for a green circle which indicates that those tickets are available. ..Read more

Apr 11

Release 4/11/17

4/11/17 Release * New Feature: Ability to hide delivery option This is a particularly handy feature if you want to restrict the delivery options available to your customers. Let’s say you are setting up a will-call only event and want to save your customers confusion, this will allow you to hide all ..Read more