To create a custom report of all data go to the “Tools” section on your account.  On the side menu the first thing that will be selected is “Custom Reporting”.  Here you will be able to create any type of report that you need.  Once you select the type of report you need by going through the steps, you will reach Step 3.   In this step you will have options where you can narrow it down by event, date range, or you can retrieve all data from all events.  Select “Show all Data”.  After selecting this option you are now ready to download your custom report.  Click on Generate report and you are all set!


Please explain what information is shown for the following tabs on the stats page: Ticket Sales, Distribution, Passes/Packages, Box Office, Geography, Attendance, Marketing, Social Marketing, Coupons, Guest List, and Outlets.

Ticket Sales

This section will break down orders and how many tickets in those orders in their respective dates.



Distribution shows how all sales were done.  For example if you sold $100 online and sold $200 at the door on your box office, it will show here.


Fulfillment will be what took cash and what took credit


Method shows what type of tickets were used.



When you sell a season pass or a packaged deal those stats will show here.  Keep in mind that you will have to select a particular event to see if a pass or package was associated with it.  The price you will see on the lower left panel is the total price of the package.  To the right, you will see these stats broken down by date.


Box Office

This will show all the sales done through your box office on an individual event.  It will show everything done in cash, credit, comps, what terminal did what, and will show all data broken down by date



This will display where your sales are coming from.  It will break it down by country, then state, and finally by county.  It will also show where the number of tickets you sold in each region/city in the panels below the map.



This will break down how many guests were admitted into your event, how they were admitted (box office, scanners, or smartphone app), and the name of each device used (e.g. Scanner1, Scanner 12, Scanner 15, etc.).  Everything will be graphed out so you can visually see the rate of ingress grouped by 1 hour, 30 minute, or even 15 minute intervals.



Marketing is a useful tool that shows you where your web traffic is coming from.  All traffic will come from some other site and communicated automatically on the back end.  Purplepass will track this data.   The automatic collection of this data will be under “Traffic Source”.  If you have created a “Tracking Link” in your “Tools” section, this data will be shown “Tracking Codes”.  Keep in mind, the only links that show in “Tracking Codes” are the ones that have been used.


Social Marketing

If you have been taking advantage of our Facebook features you will see all the stats in action for this in this tab.  Listed here you will find how many Facebook likes you got, how many people shared their purchase, and how many were automatically checked in when their ticket got scanned.



All coupons that have been created will be listed here.  The stats broken down by date to the right will show basic stats on what tickets were sold then will let you know “Gross Revenue”, the customer’s “Deduction”, “Net Revenue”, and finally “Refunds”.


Guest List

If you are using our Guestlist widget through your website, this tab in the “Stats/Sales” will show all data that is coming through them.  You may have assigned a tracking code through one or more of your Guestlist widgets and the panel on the lower left will show which tracking code brought in what traffic.  This is labeled as “Promoters”.  There is also a “Traffic Source” which will show general information of web traffic if there is no tracking code assigned to your Guestlist widget.



When you have Outlets assigned to your events to sell tickets, all the stats for those can be found here.  The panel on the lower left will show the revenue generated by the outlets that are listed there.  Just as the other tabs show, it will be broken down by date.


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