First you need to decide if you would like this to be on your master map under “My First you need to decide if you would like this to be on your master map under “My Venues” or a map on a particular event.  To change this on “My Venues” Click on the “Edit” button.  If you edit the master map, all future events that it is added to will show the changes.  If you edit a map on “My Events”, only that event will have the changes.  To change this on an active map go to “My Events” then click on “Venue” to the right of your event listing. NOTE: Once you select a map and post your event, you will not be able to switch the map during sales.  Make sure this is the map and configuration you want.

Once you are on the map double click on a section to be edited.  You will see a square over the selected section.  After this double click on a seat.  It will open up the “Seat Properties”.  Select one seat or multiple seats by holding down the CTRL button and selecting all seats that apply.  You can select a whole row a the same time by selecting one side of the row, holding down SHIFT and selecting the seat on the opposite side of the row.  This will highlight them all.  Next, select the “Hold Seat” button and there will be a field where you can type in a custom message for the held seats.  Select “Update” after you finish and the seats will be faded out to indicate they are unavailable.




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