Multiple Sounds for your Scanners: In past events, you may have faced the issue of your staff not knowing if they scanned a ticket or not. They heard the “Beep” sound from the scanner but was it from their scanner or the other staff members right next to them? Purplepass has set up each scanner to have its own unique sound! With this new scan beep sound option, each scanner can make its a different noise to eliminate any confusion on who scanned what.

Purchase Limitations: You now have the option to select a ticket type found within any package or season passes to count towards its overall limit.  For example, you can set limited VIP to 4 per customer. If they purchased 3 Meet & Greet packages which already included a VIP ticket, then the customer would only be able to buy 1 additional VIP ticket on its own. This ensures an overall limit per customer regardless if they purchase individually or as part of a package or season pass.