How do I put seats on hold?

First you need to decide if you would like this to be on your master map under “My Venues” or a map on a particular event.  To change this on “My Venues” Click on the “Edit” button.  If you edit the master map, all future events that it is added ..Read more

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How do I change the section colors?

If you need to make any changes to your venue maps, we will be more than happy to assist you in doing so and can usually make the changes within 24 hours.  You also have the choice of doing it on your own.

To change the layout of your section colors ..Read more

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How does assigned seating work with Purplepass?

Purple pass offers an assigned seating feature where your ticket buyers will be able to select their own seats on an interactive map.  Any maps that are created for you will be under “My Venues”.  Here will be all the master templates for your account.  NOTE: Any edits done here ..Read more

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