OBO – Online Box Office (free)

This box office configuration is our lite version.  If you only plan on only taking payment then this is the box office for you.  You will have the capability to use a USB credit card swipe and can also scan tickets with a USB scanner.  This will also allow you to take cash/credit, lookup orders, admit people in, send email receipts, refund/void orders, scan tickets or check status of tickets.  This does not provide any printing functions.  This is the way to go if you want a simple yet versatile system to use on the day of your event.

POBO – Printing Online Box office (free)

The POBO allows you to use all the printing functions currently available.  You will also be able to hook up a cash drawer that will automatically open after doing a cash sale.  You can hook up a Boca ticket printer, cash drawer, Epson receipt printer, USB credit card swipe, USB scanner for a full box office solution. Just like the OBO, you can take cash/credit, lookup orders, admit people in, send email receipts, refund orders, scan tickets or check status of tickets, and view real-time admission stats.  Since you will have the ability hook up printers, this also gives you the ability to print out ticket stock in bulk, print individual orders, print receipts, and even has the option to print low-cost tickets directly to receipt paper.  This is typically used for more permanent setups such as theaters, auditoriums, or clubs with weekly events but is available to anyone needing onsite printing.

DBBO – Database Box Office (rental fees may apply)

This is the same box office setup as the VOBO with the addition of an on-site server.  The onsite server acts as a database for all your ticket orders.  Since our whole system is cloud based, all information is retrieved from the cloud in real time.  For those who will have limited connectivity to the internet or just need a mission-critical solution that is highly resilient, this is the best solution.  The onsite server will update in real time to receive new orders and will continue to work seamlessly if the internet connection goes down from the cloud.

Mobile Box Office (rental fees may apply)

The Mobile box office is the ultimate combination of simplicity and mobility.  These devices are an iPad in a special case that has a credit card swipe and scanning laser.  You will be able to take cash/credit, lookup orders, admit people in, print receipts wirelessly (Epson Printer required), send email receipts, refund orders, scan tickets or check status of tickets. These work off of either WiFi or built-in Verizon Cellular internet which we activate on the device for your event.  Since you can have the cellular internet, this gives you the freedom to use these virtually anywhere.  We can include a metal stand or hand strap depending on your intended use.

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