A recurring event is an event that repeats for a number of days.  For example, if you have a performance Thursday through Sunday every week for 2 months.  With this you only have to create one event and it will create as many individual event pages as you would like.  When you go on one event page within the recurring events, you will be able to access all the other events through a drop down menu for easy switching back and forth.

You can create recurring events based on a daily schedule, weekly schedule, monthly schedule, bi-monthly, first Friday of every month, etc. There are countless ways you can configure your schedule.  You also have the ability to create a fully custom schedule.  This is especially useful for performing art centers or theatres putting on multi-show time productions.  You can create your entire production schedule including special opening dates and matinees easily.

One of the main advantages of the recurring event feature is that you can mass edit all of your events at the same time without having to edit all of them one by one.  For example, let’s say the main actor in your play fell ill and you needed to update the performers list, you can edit the recurring template and the system will automatically apply these updates to all of your show times.



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