The Marketing Section of the stats will show a number of different items. There are Tracking codes, Traffic Source, Total Views, and Unique Views.

Tracking Codes – These are codes that are pre-determined by you.  These codes are generated links  (Tools -> Tracking Links) that can be used for ad campaigns, promoter/artist promotions, or anything that you want to see how that traffic source is doing.

Traffic Source – These sources are automatically generated from people coming and going from the site.  This will show how people got to your event page such as a Google search or maybe another part of the site.

Total Views – You will be able to view how many views your event page got on any particular day.  This will show each time someone went to the site, even if it’s from the same computer.  This can be viewed on both the graphical chart at the top or on the day by day breakdown below that.  You can view the chart in a specific date range by clicking and dragging on which ever desired section of it.

Unique Views – This will only show each unique view.  So for example if you have 100 visits to your event page today and there was only 50 different people, then you will have 50 unique views.  The graphical chart and day by day breakdown will show these as well.

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