There are a number of methods you can do.

Admit only

This method is the easiest way.  All you would do in the box office is admit the guest after the sale and let them in.  Sometimes promoters will stamp hands if there is in and out privileges.  This works best if the box office is the only point of entry.

Issue a ticket

If your box office is in a separate point of entry it would be best to give something to your customers so they can be admitted at entrance.  The most simple way is to give a raffle ticket. However through us you can purchase bulk tickets or wristbands through us ahead of time with your ticket stock editor that is to the right of your event listing under “My Events”.  These tickets are extremely secure, scannable, and come in 7 different colors to help your patrons and staff identify them.

Print a ticket

If you have a large volume of people coming throughout the year and need a more permanent, cost effective solution, we recommend purchasing a BOCA Printer through us and print tickets on demand.  Please contact your service rep or email to inquire about BOCA printers.

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