How do I view sales stats by each terminal?

In your box office you will see a tab that says “Stats by Terminals”.  This is where you can view all the sales stats that each terminal has done through your event up to date.

If you are using the Mobile Box Office, you can find this information on your account ..Read more

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How do I view stats for my tracking links?

When you are in “Sales/Stats” go to the “Marketing” tab.  Here you will see a section called “Tracking Codes”.  This will be where you will find any tracking code you have created either through a tracking link or widget.  Keep in mind that the only tracking codes that will show ..Read more

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How do I view stats from a certain time period?

When you are in “Sales/Stats” you will notice there are some options at the very top for you to filter out the stats.  In the middle there will be the option to choose a date range.  It will say “Select the date range”.  You will have preset choices, however if ..Read more

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