Where can I view my settlement report?

After your event, a settlement report will be generated automatically.  You will be able to find this under the “Accounting” page.  This statement is available for download at any time after your event.

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What is an eCheck settlement?

This is a printable check that is emailed to you instead of a traditional mailed paper check.  The advantage of this is that it comes instantly instead of waiting for the check to be delivered through the mail.  Since it is a fairly new technology, some banks might not be ..Read more

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How do I activate a 3rd party payout?

While editing or creating your event you will see the option to Assign Partner access to your event.  This will be in the “Additional Options” section towards the bottom.  Once you find it, click on it and add your partner.

NOTE:  If the email address of the 3rd party doesn’t already ..Read more

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