Apr 11

Release 4/11/17

4/11/17 Release * New Feature: Ability to hide delivery option This is a particularly handy feature if you want to restrict the delivery options available to your customers. Let’s say you are setting up a will-call only event and want to save your customers confusion, this will allow you to hide all ..Read more

Apr 05

Release 5/11/16

5/11/16 Release * Stats Added to the Edit Event Page We added stats to the Edit event page. So when you are editing your event, it will show how many tickets have been sold, how many guestlist tickets issued, how muchticket stock, how many in total, and how may tickets you have ..Read more

Mar 20

Release 3/20/17

3/20/17 Release * Our new flex pass allows customers to choose their own custom combination of events for their pass. This works great if you have multiple events or different shows within a season and you want your customers to have the ability to customize which shows are in their package.  For ..Read more

Jan 15

Release 1/15/17

1/15/17 Release * New option to automatically show tickets available at door when online sale ends Once your online sales have concluded you now have the ability to display a message that reads “tickets will be available at the door”. * New option under ticket type options panel to hide coupon field if no ..Read more

Dec 01

Release 12/1/16

12/1/16 Release * Ability to define non-inventory items and filter stats on homepage to hide non-inventory Ticket types classified as non-inventory items (drink, food & merchandise tickets) will not count towards ticket inventory or venue capacity. You have the ability to view non-inventory sales separate from total sales figures right from your ..Read more

Nov 28

Release 11/28/16

11/28/16 Release * Ticket Transfer You now have the ability to transfer tickets from one event to another easily through your account.  To transfer a customer’s order from one event to another, go to Search Orders, find their order, and click the “Transfer” link under the Actions column. * Short-cut URL will be used ..Read more

Oct 07

Release 10/7/16

10/7/16 Release * Coupon code required to purchase feature On the ticket type options panel, there is now an option to require a coupon code to purchase. This is useful for restricting tickets to people with special codes. * Protection from losing work on post/edit event page Before, If you hit back on your ..Read more

Oct 03

Release 10/3/16

10/3/16 Release * Reporting Updates Huge updates to the reporting functionality. now you can produce exceedingly detailed financial reports breaking down all sales down on a daily basis, by ticket type, showing gross revenue, facility fee, taxes, deductions, refunds, net revenue before fees, and then full details on fees. For fees it ..Read more

Sep 19

Release 9/19/16

9/19/16 Release * Added Attendance stats We added attendance stats tab to the stats page which allows you to view and analyze your attendance of your event. You can view rates of admission broken down by intervals of 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 1 hour. You can also filter out your admission ..Read more

Sep 02

Release 9/2/16

9/2/16 Release * Improvements to the Data Export We’ve improved the Data Export section. Now it’s much easier to understand, provides far more options, and makes it very easy to generate reports to view summary data or highly detailed information on single events or across multiple events. All of this can ..Read more