If you have your own merchant account or PayPal account, you can use these to accept payment from customers.  Using your own credit card processing is a great option since all funds will go directly to you as tickets are sold rather than having to wait until after the event to get paid. Please keep in mind that when using either one of these options, you will be collecting service fees on our behalf.

NOTE: You must have a credit card on file because this will be what we bill for reimbursement of service fees you collected on our behalf.  Charges for service fee reimbursement occur automatically every Monday.

Your own Merchant Account

On your account, simply go to “Settings” then click on “Merchant Account” on the side. You will see where to type in your company name then currency type first.  After that, there will be the Login and Trans Key fields.  The Login and Trans Key can be found by accessing your Authorize.net account.  When using your own merchant account online, it is required that you have an Authorize.net account to act as a gateway to your merchant account.  Once this has been filled in, you will have options to input a “Discount Rate” and/or “Transaction Fee”.  “Discount Rate” is a percentage of the amount being charged.  So for example if your processing fee is 3% then you could use this to pass on the 3% fee to your customer.  If you want to use a flat rate you will use the “Transaction Fee”.  Sometimes companies charge an extra $0.30 per transaction.  This is where you would input the fee to pass it on.  If you chose to use these your customer will only see the total amount of fees.how-do-i-setup-my-own-credit-card-processing


Please see “How can I use PayPal to sell tickets?” for instructions on how to use PayPal to process payments.

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