There are a number of ways you can scan people in to your event.

Professional Wireless Scanner

This is the quickest and most versatile way of scanning people in.  It is iPhone based and sits in a cradle that has a built in professional grade scanner that quickly scans in your guests.  All you need to do is log into your event and you are ready to scan.  You can connect through WiFi or even with the built in Verizon internet that we provide.


USB Scanner

If you are using a computer/laptop box office setup you can use the USB scanner with this.   You will need to load the box office for the particular event you are admitting tickets for.  Once you load the event the scanner will automatically be ready to use.  Much like the IPhone scanner simply hold the ticket 6-8 inches away squared off with the ticket and pull the trigger on the scanner.


Apple or Android Device App

This app is available on both App Stores and is free for download.  Once you log into your event, click on the scan button.  It will activate your devices camera and you will be ready to scan.  Place the QR code in view of the camera and you will see it on the app.  It will take less than a second to scan the code and is a great option for lower volume events.


The whole system is cloud based so you can use any combination together and they will all sync together in

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