There are a few ways to accomplish this.

Method 1 – Add them as a partner in “Settings”

This first method is useful if this person is going to be an ongoing partner on all your events.  First thing you want to do is make sure this partner already has an account.  Once this is taken care of you can add this partner by going to “Settings” then to “Partner Access”.  In here you will see a place to the right to add an email.  After adding this partner you can delegate all types of access by expanding the menu below their name.  From here on out they will have this access on all your events.  You can limit them to certain events within the options if needed.  When your partner logs into their account they will see your event listed on their “My Events” page as if it was theirs.  They will only have access that you granted them.


Method 2 – Add them while editing/creating your event

As you are editing your event you will come across the “Additional Options” section towards the bottom.  By clicking the “Assign partners” check box you will have a place to type in your partner’s email.


If they have an account it will add them right away.  If they do not have an account, no need to worry because it will prompt you to add them as a promoter.  You will only have to fill in basic information to register them.


Once completed, it will send the new promoter/partner an email asking them to setup their password to complete registration.  The partner is now added to only that event that you setup.  You may edit their privileges here while editing your event or under “Settings” then in “Partner Access”.

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