Coupon codes allow you to easily create discounts in a number of ways depending on what you are trying to accomplish.  To get started on this, find the coupon code creator within ”Edit” on your event listing.  Scroll down to the “Ticket Pricing and Options” section and you will find the Coupon Code section there towards the bottom.


Click on “Add coupon code” to get started.  Once open, you will see options to create a variety of discount/coupon codes.  The required items needed to create a code are the code itself, what ticket it is valid with, and the type of discount.  There are other options there in case you need to limit the number of times it can be used, how many tickets it’s valid for, when the coupon is valid, etc.  When you are finished, save the code then update your event.  Your code will be ready to use immediately.


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