To get your seating map in our system all you need to do is give your service rep a map of the seating setup of the venue.

On the map please include:

  • All seating or table numbers and letters
  • Pricing levels of each section
  • Pricing types for each seat, if applicable (e.g. Adult, Senior, Child)
  • Handicap seating locations if you want to include them
  • Any additional logos or sponsorship images you would like to include

We typically build your map within 24 hours.  However, for larger more complex maps, it can take up to 2 business days.  Once it is complete it will be uploaded to your account and will be available in “My Venues” for review.

In addition to having us build your maps, you can also create them yourself.  You can do this by going to My Venues and clicking the button to add a new venue.  We will be happy to do a remote training session with you so you can become a master at building and managing your own maps.

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