What is the URL that links to my event page?

You can access this by going to your event page then copy and paste the URL in your browser.

Is this URL too long? No need to worry.

You may create a custom Purplepass URL shortcut.  When posting/editing your event, you will see a Short-cut URL option under the “The Basics” section. ..Read more

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How do I get paid?

Payouts happen on the following Thursday after your event.  There are 4 different ways you can get paid for your event through Purplepass.  We will demonstrate all methods here.   Keep in mind, if you would like to switch to a different payment method, please contact your service rep or email ..Read more

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How does Purplepass defend us in a chargeback?

Unlike most ticketing companies, Purplepass will back you 100% when a chargeback is issued.  After the customer initiates the chargeback with their credit card company, the credit card companies will first contact us to see if it is a valid charge.  We provide them with all information that was collected ..Read more

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